Megara’s Polypropylene Design Factory

Introducing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Light™ to our “Iconic Luminaires” series.

One of the most iconic structures of Australia’s young urban landscape. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is part of everyday life for millions of locals, and internationally the bridge is instantly recognisable and associated only with Australia. It is both functionally and aesthetically invaluable; appreciated by countless Australians and international tourists alike.

The Design of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Light

A contemporary lamp which captures the spirit and feel of the original structure. Whilst this lamp will always be a reminder of the bridge, it is also a beautiful and useful lamp in its own right. The aesthetics of the lamp comprise of all of the components which make this bridge iconic and instantly recognisable, including the single arch construction, hangers and deck, lateral bracing, and the 4 pylons. The outcome is an inspirational lamp and design piece, which does not pose as a model of the Australian iconic structure, but rather a quirky contemporary polypropylene lamp.

The SHB light is part of the “Iconic Luminaires” range of products and follows the same design principles of the other lamps; creatively cut and folded polypropylene interpretations of modern architectural/engineering icons.

Suitable for both the home and commercial interior. A passionate piece which provokes conversation over a cup of tea!

Available in five colours, the SHB Light is efficiently flat-packed for both customer and retail convenience.