Megara’s Polypropylene Design Factory
Megara is very proud to introduce our second lamp in the architecturally inspired “Iconic Luminaires” series, the “New York Guggenheim Lamp”.

Seven years ago we first introduced our “Sydney Opera House Light – fold & assemble” into the Australian market. The SOH light is a 100% Australian made polypropylene interpretation of Utzon’s iconic masterpiece – and a beautiful lamp and innovative souvenir in it’s own right!

In 2008 we celebrate the ongoing success of this lamp with our follow up design in the series, the “New York Guggenheim Museum Lamp”.

Megara designer Zita Watkin was inspired by the amazing combination of aesthetic beauty and original functionalism of the nearly 50 year old Guggenheim Building, and thought it would be a wonderful candidate in the Iconic Luminaires Series. In other words, it is a spectacular building that would translate beautifully into a polypropylene lamp!

Efficiently flat packed for export and consumer convenience alike.

This original concept and design received worldwide acclaim and Megara has secured an ongoing manufacture and supply arrangement with the iconic American museum. The product is an Australian designed and manufactured flat packed lamp - a polypropylene interpretation of architect Frank Lloyd Wrights architectural masterpiece.